Is that how you really feel?


So I was having a conversation with this guy I recently met and he’s mixed (African-American/White) with a very light skin complexion and myself being African-American. He was a nice guy that I saw around school a lot and I though he was very attractive but I wasn’t sure if was into black women. One day I saw him and we exchanged words, soon after he gave me his number. I was ecstatic! We were texting one night and I actually told him “honestly I was nervous because I wasn’t sure if you were into black women.” After my statement he gave me a very unsettling response, “I do but one reason I don’t is because it’s like being with a bro or another guy” at the moment I was confused about the statement then he continued to say “Yeah like most black girls act like a guy sometimes. So I’ve always said if I date a black girl I’d want her to at least act a little white.” In my mind I’m thinking, is this how most men really feel about black women? .. Every woman is different. Most women are a a little feminine than others and some are a little masculine but that comes in all different races not just one.


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