I remember as a kid, when me and my sisters would come from school all we wanted to do was go to the park. Hot or cold, rain or shine. All the kids in the neighborhood would be there playing tag and hide and go seek. We would stay out all day until the street lights came on. That is also  a part of the reason we had childhood friends that we grew up with. Now in days you barely see kids at the playground anymore. So many kids these days are caught up in technology. Playing video games  and watching television all day, they don’t know what it feels like to go outside and scrape their knee. When I was younger the only television I got to was from 7-9pm and early morning cartoons Saturday morning. It’s sad how technology consumes so much of a child’s life these days.



Coming from Florida it’s a huge adjustment living in Russellville. I remember when I first came on a visit here and they showed me the downtown area. I was waiting to see the big buildings but instead it was just a mini strip. I was mostly shocked due to the fact that they don’t have any buses here. How would people be able to get around if they didn’t have a car? 

There’s not much to do here at all so I see the sarcasm when they call it “RussVegas.” But for the most part it actually does help me focus. Tampa, Florida is a big party scene. It feels good to get away from the distractions of the city life but I would take the Florida weather any day over this cold Arkansas weather.