Can’t Hide From The Public

These day people talk about all the violence in the US and racism that’s going on like this is something new. I feel the only reason why it’s brought up today is because of social network and the media. It’s brought to people’s attention more now than ever. Whenever something happens or there is a tragedy 90% of the time these day you find out through social networks. There has always been a lot of violence going on in the US and racism now it’s coming to people’s attention, now people see a problem. Why? Because everyone sees it now and they can’t hide it from the public.


Cow Tipping

Before I came to Arkansas Tech University I never knew people actually did cow tipping. Cow tipping is where you sneak up on a cow while it’s asleep and you push them over. Sad right? Who would want to scare a poor cow half to death while it’s sleeping? But after reading this article in USA Today, Someone is lying. In the article it states that trying to tipping is close to impossible. Unless you’re crazy strong. It would take up to six people to tip a cow.

Know Your Value

I was talking to my friend the other day and she asked me “When is enough, enough in a relationship?” Look, I all for if someone messes up and possibly giving them a second chance. But there are levels to disrespect. I don’t believe a person can say they love you and then cheat on you. Cheating is not a mistake. Abuse is not a mistake. Those are things a person chooses to do. In life you have a choice and in the end you have to face those consequences. People will know what enough is, when they notice their value.

Too much PDA?

What is too much PDA? Don’t get me wrong I’m all for displaying affection but when it comes to a point where it looks like, at any point someone is about to take their clothes off is too much. Come on people. What ever happen to a single kiss or holding hands and skipping off into the sunset? It’s come to the point where sometimes I feel it can be a little disrespectful. Who actually said that that was ok?  

Spring Break

I was watching the news earlier and I saw this story on spring break in Panama. The host asked the officer “What has caused the most arrest this break?” A lot of people would have guessed drunk driving or having drugs. What surprised everyone was that the officer said it was people with guns in their car. But I can’t say I’m really surprise. Now in days you can’t have fun anymore without people pulling out guns or fighting. It’s crazy what this generation has come to. Then recently there was a shooting; 7 students were shot at a condo party in Panama.  

Wasted Time

I wonder if people actually take the time out think about how often they use their phone. I realized that I’ve looked at my phone at least seven times since I’ve started my homework. I feel that if I spent as much time focusing on my academics as I do my phone I would probably be an honor roll student. My phone takes up so much of my time and distracts me from so much in my daily life. When I do homework it distracts me because if I look at something it automatically makes me think about something better to do than my homework. Is it the phone or is it me?