Fight night!

  Last night I went to a fight night party for the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight. For a lot of rounds it looked like a close fight. But though Manny Pacquiao through a lot of punches he didn’t connect with many. And although it may have seemed like Floyd Mayweather was against the ropes he still uses defense well and through his defense he was able to connect with Manny Pacquiao to win the fight. But a lot of people still say that many Pacquiao should have one but like they said it’s not about the punches you throw is the ones that connect to your opponent. Mayweather was really moving his feet so when Pacquiao thought he had him cornered he put his hands up to block the punches and quickly moved out the way and hit him with the jab many times. At the end of the fight those points added up which gave me Mayweather the victory.


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