Stand tall 


 People always ask me why do I wear heels and when I’m already so tall. I think being able to wear heels in being over 6 foot shows a lot of confidence in a woman. To not care about what people may think of her because she’s the tallest person in the room. I take a lot of pride when I wear my heels. I feel like I’m the center of attention. I feel like everybody is watching me and I love when all eyes are on me. I know I may sound a little conceited and self-centered but I take a lot of pride in wearing my heels. A lot of men find that intimidating when a woman is taller than them. But I think every man needs a tall girl in heels;she someone that stands out more. So do you prefer to have a tall girl in heels who stands out or a petite girl in heels who lives in with everyone?


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