Group discussions

I feel like I get more out of the group discussions than I do with lectures. It gets people involved and interacting with each other. Although sometimes we can get a little off topic at times at times but I makes the class fun and engaging. It also keeps people from falling asleep and not paying attention. I really do enjoy what they are trying to do to keep the students interacting. But I think the downside about it is when it comes to the test. I think it makes it a little hard to answer the test questions about the discussion because you get off topic so many times. 



Taco Bell

So almost every day I go to Taco Bell and get strawberry freeze and a steak quesarito. 75% their freeze machine is down. Which messes my whole day up. But today was perfect. It was working and I had my quesarito but they put sour cream on it when I asked for no sour cream. So I took it back so they could fix it. When the fixed it, I began to devour the quesarito. But as I got to the middle of the steak quesarito, I began to realize there wasn’t any more steak, just rice and cheese. Was this my karma for taking my food back the first time? 


Nap Time

I remember when I was younger, I use to hate nap time. I always wanted to get up and do something and be active. Reality set in really quick as I got older and there weren’t anymore nap times. It was a depressing time for me and I think that apart of the reason why I’m always grumpy. Now I beg to be able to take a nap. I get overwhelmed when I’m able to take a nap in between classes or right before practice. Sometimes I don’t want to be a grown up anymore. Just give me a snack and a blanket and I’ll be just fine. I would kill to have naps again. I think naps in school a beneficial. I think it help rejuvenate the mind. Because when I take a power nap for 10 minutes, I feel like I slept for hours.  



I don’t smoke cigarettes or anything. But I do smoke hookah. I find it a little addictive but I heard it was safer than actually smoking. I’m sure it’s because of the amount of nicotine in it. But is Hookah really bad for you? I know they say the big ones you have to light have tobacco in it and that could be harmful to you. But what about the electronic ones with nicotine in them. Can those be harmful to the body because I smoke my electronic hookah all day? I need to know if this thing will kill me in the long run. 


Samsung vs. IPhone

I think that samsungs are better than iPhones because not only are they bigger but they’re more available when you need the. In order to download music and applications on the iPhone, you have to go through iTunes. On the Samsung phones all you have to do is download whatever you need through the apps that you can get in the App Store. When trying to download apps on iPhone you have to type in your iTunes password unlike when your downloading apps from a Samsung. Also samsungs hold charge longer than iPhones. It’ takes FOREVER to charge an apple product! I should’ve stuck with the Samsung.

Natural Hair

I think natural hair is the best thing an African American woman can wear. It shows so much confidence when a black girl can wear her natural hair. Having natural hair isn’t easy to maintain but I feel that if more black women had natural hair then it would be easier to raise young black girls with natural hair so they know how to take care of it. Black women are so use to being labeled because they wear a lot of expensive weave. In reality every woman of all ethnicities wears weaves. Black women just do it more because they don’t always know what to do with their hair. 


Rondo Wiggles

I remember when I had my pet ferret.. His name was Rondo Wiggles. Yes, as in Rondo from the Celtics and now plays for the Dallas Mavericks. Taking care of a ferret was the hardest thing I had ever done. It was harder than taking care of a cat. It pooped every 20 minutes and even though it was small, the smell was very loud. The funniest thing about having a ferret is that when they sleep, they go into a dead sleep. Which is a sleep where you can move them, pick them up, etc. and they still will not wake up.