Is that how you really feel?


So I was having a conversation with this guy I recently met and he’s mixed (African-American/White) with a very light skin complexion and myself being African-American. He was a nice guy that I saw around school a lot and I though he was very attractive but I wasn’t sure if was into black women. One day I saw him and we exchanged words, soon after he gave me his number. I was ecstatic! We were texting one night and I actually told him “honestly I was nervous because I wasn’t sure if you were into black women.” After my statement he gave me a very unsettling response, “I do but one reason I don’t is because it’s like being with a bro or another guy” at the moment I was confused about the statement then he continued to say “Yeah like most black girls act like a guy sometimes. So I’ve always said if I date a black girl I’d want her to at least act a little white.” In my mind I’m thinking, is this how most men really feel about black women? .. Every woman is different. Most women are a a little feminine than others and some are a little masculine but that comes in all different races not just one.


Being a Student-Athlete 

  • I don’t think people know the hardwork it takes to be a student-athlete. Most people would say “you chose to be one” or “you barely have to do work, you just practice and play the games.” For some other people they think all we do is party all the time. Yes, we choose to be one but for some that’s all they have to get into college and for most that’s what they need to get through college. Everyone can’t easily pay for college like most people and others just need that extra motivation. Then a lot of people fail to realize that as students we get treated just like all the other students. We don’t get special treatment. We still have to study, write our papers and do assignments as well as practice and go on the road trips that requires us to miss class. As fun as it might sound to miss class just to play a sport, it isn’t. We get behind in the lesson which requires us to make it up on our own. Most of us have scholarship responsibilities, so we can’t afford to fall behind in any classes. We don’t have much of a social life because a lot of hours goes into being an athlete as well as trying to get our studying done in a timely manner. As some students get to go home for the weekend or on holidays; we don’t. Being a student-athlete is a job within itself.